AS1220 Plus II sprayer


Apache by Equipment Technologies

Model No./Name

AS1220 Plus II sprayer




Self-propelled sprayer


The Apache Plus returns with a vengeance. Like its predecessor, Plus II is for growers who want the highest horsepower available. Now you can choose to get your Apache AS1020 or your AS1220 with a staggering 275 hp. You don’t need to overcompensate with a clunky, heavy hydrostatic sprayer to get maximum efficiency with maximum power. The Plus II Package from Apache sprayers provides the perfect combination of power, traction, and efficiency; along with the simplicity of a mechanical drive transmission. Get the same superior fuel economy and state-of-the-art precision options you would in any of the other Apache sprayer models. The Plus II Package also features a heavier-duty differential from JCB to accommodate the increase in power to the ground