AT7000 applicator



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AT7000 applicator


Liquid Fertilizer


Fertilizer applicator


Thurston Manufacturing Company was proud to introduce the industry’s first 90’ liquid injection applicator at the 2008 Farm Progress show.  Since its introduction, the BLU-JET AT7000 has proven itself over thousands of acres in side dress and pre-plant applications.  Like all BLU-JET products, it is backed by a five year frame warranty.The BLU-JET AT7000 boasts a 3100 gallon tank on tracks with a rearward folding toolbar and a transport width under eighteen feet.  The 90’ toolbar can be operated on either 90’ or 60’ widths.  The 60’ toolbar can be operated on either 60’ or 40’ widths.  The AT7000 is currently available to match 40’, 60’, and 90’ swath widths on 30” and 20” row spacing.Rugged Double 7 x 7 ToolbarHeavy duty seven section front mount toolbar provides ultimate strength and flexibility for uneven fields.High Capacity 3100 Gallon Tank with SumpMaximum acres, minimum fills.Jet Stream Coulter Injection or Knife InjectionMaximum 1200 lb. down pressure with 30 degree swivel and 20" blades for accurate nutrient placement.Minimizes Soil Compaction14-1/2" x 73" TracksElectronic Controls With Up to 5 Section Shut-off