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Meridian Fuel TrailerDon’t let an empty tank slow you down this season. Meridian is proud to introduce the newest addition to our ever-expanding product line: the Meridian Fuel Trailer. Available in 990 U.S. gallons, the Meridian Fuel Trailer is the latest innovation in fuel transportation. Portable fuel storage allows you to refuel at your convenience, on-location or in the field, and makes transferring fuel easier and more convenient than ever before. Our Fuel Trailer is constructed with 10 gauge steel, double welded seams and powder coated to offer maximum durability, so we can guarantee that it’s as rugged as the land you farm. We also offer a variety of options to customize the trailer to meet your needs. The Meridian Fuel Trailer will improve on-farm productivity and keep your equipment operating at full efficiency with faster refueling, so you can get the job done. Ensure that you are always field ready with the new Meridian Fuel Trailer.Premium Portable Fuel Storage
  • Powder coated for a strong finish and long lasting durability
  • Lower center of gravity so it pulls smoothly
  • Tank built separate from the trailer and bolted on with rubber gaskets to reduce stress on the walls and for added flexibility ALSO we have a tank securement hook system that relieves the stress from the fluid motion as the fuel trailer is pulled down the road 
  • Large cowling doors ALLOWS easy access for routine maintenance  and storage in the cowling allowing for extra space for tools and consumables
  • Each tank is 100% pressure tested for leaks 

Main Fuel Tank FeaturesStandard

  • 990 U.S. gallons AND 750 starting Spring of 2014
  • 10 Micron Filter
  • Cowling space 65 cubic ft. with Interior LED lighting
  • 12Volt Engine
  • Sump Pump in the bottom of the tank for complete clean out before putting it in to storage
  • 3 Baffles
  • Aluminum rock guard on all front surfaces 

*55 Gallon DEF and 110 Gallon DEF options available.  Available in red, bone white, gray, green and black . No added upcharge for different color.