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Conventional Augers - Heavy Duty Grain AugerThere's nothing conventional about our Conventional augers. They're constructed as durable, versatile pieces of equipment that can handle almost any situation. Its frame design allows for better weight distribution and increased stability while reliable, heavy-duty parts deliver unparalleled performance. In fact, when you compare these augers with the competition, they're about as unconventional and industry leading as you can get.Product DetailsHead End: Our head end features induction hardened sprockets and heavy-duty roller bearings for unparalleled performance and reliability.Lift: High performance brake winches provide easy raising and lowering of the auger.Gear box: Heavier gear boxes feature oil baths, forged steel gears and quality roller bearings.Guards: Our guards on all moving parts make maintenance and repairs simple and reduce the risk of an accident.Flighting: We roll form the flighting directly onto the shaft to create a long lasting product that is balanced to run smooth and quiet. That means less wear and tear and an increased lifespan on every auger we manufacture. We offer continuous flighting on all models up to 53 feet in length. For longer models, a spline coupler is used for the connection to allow flexibility within the flighting shaft.Intake: Not just the fastest loading auger, but also the safest. Shielded auger intake for safer operation.Accessories
  • PTO attachment (includes spline adaptor, v-pulley and pulley guard. PTO shart not included.)
  • PTO shaft, telescoping non-separable (90" max. length, safety shielded, 1 3/8" x 6" spline, quick disconnect yoke on both ends complete with ball bearing shearing device.)
  • Polyethylene telescoping spout (42" length)
  • Radial tires (sold in pairs)
  • Two and four wheel movers
  • Engine mount and gearbox style electric clutch

Introducing the latest innovation in grain handling: Meridian's NEW swing hopperMeridian’s new swing hopper is the lowest AND longest available on the market, and wider than existing models. With a height of just under 10 inches, our modified hopper is ideal for use under low profile trailers, and offers ease of operation and ample clearance in all unload applications. In addition, the longer and wider design maximizes reach, increases handling capacities and reduces overflow and spillage. For easy and efficient grain handling, Meridian is the best choice.