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LPX 2000 seed treater


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LPX2000 DESCRIPTION: The LPX models combine the most innovative technology with the most popular seed treater on the market. The LPX Series is USC’s next generation of seed treaters. The LPX utilizes a modular design allowing customers to fully customize their treater based on exact  needs. Add multiple tanks and accessories any time, making the LPX a perfect treater to grow alongside any treating business. The LPX incorporates the same continuous flow seed treating benefits as USC’s LP Series. Additionally, the quick release atomizer chamber offers convenient access for clean-up and inspection. The combination of quality, accuracy and modularity makes the LPX Series the choice for any seed business.LPX2000 SPECIFICATIONS:   •  The LPX2000 treats 300-1,800 lbs./min. of soybeans   •  Choose a 6’, 8’ or 10’ carbon or stainless steel drum   •  USC’s patented atomizer accurately coats each seed   •  Seed metering wheel is required on Automated LPX Treaters   •  Real-time auto correcting of pump(s) and seed metering  wheel on automated models   •  230 volt single phase, 230 volt three phase, 480 volt three phase & 575 volt three phase electrical panel options   •  Automatic reporting capabilities on automated models   •  LPX2000 has more standard features than competition:                • Quick connect chemical port behind atomizer                • 4 port quick connect chemical manifold with static                   mixer mounted to side of treater                • 16” easy slide out atomizer chamber                • Telescoping forklift pockets   •  12” touch screen on automated LPX models   •  6” touch screen on manual LPX models   •  Variable speed drum and drum view window   •  Easy seed flow and chemical calibration   •  LPX controls up to 8 pump stands at once LPX2000 CAPACITY & DIMENSIONS: ADJUSTABLE HEIGHTHEIGHT WITH SEED WHEELNo Ext. Ring79” to 94”99” to 114”6” Ext. Ring85” to 100”105” to 120”12” Ext. Ring91” to 106”111” to 126” LENGTHWIDTH6’ Drum121”46”8’ Drum145”36”10’ Drum169”46” Weight:

  • LPX w/6' Drum: 2,000 lbs.
  • LPX w/8’ Drum: 2,300 lbs.
  • LPX w/10’ Drum: 2,800 lbs.
  • LPX w/6’ Drum w/ Seed Wheel: 2,500 lbs.
  • LPX w/8’ Drum w/ Seed Wheel: 2,800 lbs.
  • LPX w/10’ Drum w/ Seed Wheel: 3,300 lbs.