Seed Series Bin Fill Conveyor



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Seed Series Bin Fill Conveyor


Bulk Seed & Grain


Seed conveyor
Seed handling


DESCRIPTION: USC Conveyors are specifically designed to move seed without damage; eliminating spillage and reducing friction to increase belt life. USC’s galvanized construction provides for years of dependable use on all conveyors. Now with an industry-leading 3-year warranty on all conveyor belts, we’re confident the Seed Series line will be the perfect solution for any operation! Choose electric powered hydraulic lift, hydraulic or manual hitch on all bin fill conveyors. SPECIFICATIONS:   •  Hydraulic lift   •  Collapsible hopper   •  Strong back cable support   •  10” discharge spout   •  6” cleanout door at inlet for easy cleaning   •  Undercarriage complete with implement tires   •  Oversized belt shafts with gentle transitions decrease belt stress and extends life of conveyor CAPACITY & DIMENSIONS:   •  Available in 55’, 65’ and 70’ lengths   •  20“ wide cleated PVC belt with 2” high cleats spaced every 6”