Limited Time Rebates Offered on Liquid Applicators

Now through February 1, 2015, Brokaw Supply is offering great rebates on new Blu-Jet liquid fertilizer applicators. These liquid applicators offer some of the industry’s most durable and heavy-duty frames, giving them the ability to accurately apply fields across various soil conditions. These rebate offers apply to three different models of Blu-Jet liquid applicators, all available from Brokaw Supply. Each comes with multiple options to fit each type of grower’s operation and application needs. These outstanding, limited time offers include a $3,550 rebate on a new AT4610, a $2,800 rebate on a new AT4010, and a $1,000 rebate on a new AT3000.Additional offers from Brokaw Supply through February 1 include 10% off all liquid application parts, and $500 off used Blu-Jet liquid applicators.To take advantage of these offers before February 1, contact your Brokaw Supply salesman, or find one by using our salesmen contact tool.