The right liquid application tools for the job

liquid side dress

Across the Brokaw Supply customer base of Iowa and Minnesota, we are seeing a wide variety of rainfall amounts, leading to a difference in soil conditions as well. These differences may mean adjusting how your liquid nitrogen is applied this season.The liquid assembly attachments from Blu-Jet offer a number of options for both types of equipment and soil types. Our recommendation for heavier soils is to consider the JetStream Liquid Injection assembly by Blu-Jet and available through Brokaw Supply. The JetStream Liquid Injection creates a high pressure stream, shooting the liquid fertilizer into the slot created by the coulter. Not only is the fertilizer injected up to 4 inches into the root zone, but it eliminates the need for a knife.However, if you have lighter soils, pairing the JetStream Liquid Injection Assembly with a knife will ensure the liquid fertilizer reaches the root zone without loose soil displacing it.You spend a lot of dollars on your fertilizer inputs, and make sure it reaches the root of the plant is one of the most important components of quality application. Our sales team can help match the right liquid application parts with your soil types and conditions, so be sure to give us a call and ask us what we recommend.

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Josh Thilges- Northwest Iowa Fertilizer Equipment Sales