Is your sprayer ready to hit the field?

While most producers’ minds may be on planter maintenance and preparations, there is another piece of equipment that has been stored away for a year that requires attention as well. Your self-propelled sprayer was an investment into your farming operation, now you need to extend that investment by properly preparing it for the application season ahead. Currently, we don’t know what hand Mother Nature will deal us this spring or how fast time will get away from us. This means now is the best time to cross of the items on our pre-season sprayer checklist provided below. 

  • Prep engine with the correct hydraulic and dropbox oils. Refer to the sprayer’s owner’s manual to ensure you are using the correct oils and at the correct levels.
  • Clean air intakes for debris and small animals or birds.
  • Test accumulators to protect the sprayer’s suspension and booms across rough terrain. We have the ability to test these for peak performance.
  • Run the cabs air conditioning to ensure it is working properly before the hot, summer months.
  • Check product tanks and boom plumbing for tank strap tightness, leaks, cracks and clamp tightness.
  • Test and adjust booms to proper height. Make sure to unfold and fold booms before you have hit the field and inspect them closely for wear and tear.
  • Verify settings and calibrations are still where they need to be on the machine’s field computers.
  • Order any replacement parts to ensure delivery and installation before application season approaches.

Do you have further questions about some of these steps, or would you prefer to have one of our sprayer service specialists inspect your machine to ensure it is in prime shape for quality spray application? Don’t hesitate to contact our service department or one of our professional sprayer salesmen.