Gold Digger tile plow


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Gold Digger tile plow


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The drainage plow your tractor can pull and accurately hold gradeThe Soil-Max Gold Digger is different than other tractor-based drainage plows. For unsurpassed grade control, you put the 3-point hitch in float and let the plow’s own hydraulics control the grade. The Gold Digger fly's through the soil much like an airplane, allowing your tractor to be completely independent of the plow. This also makes the Gold Digger much easier to pull than the competition. Don’t be surprised if your local drainage contractor says, "Rubber-tired tractors just can't hold a good enough grade to put in tile" and he is probably right if he hasn’t seen the Gold Digger. Other Pull-Type Plows depend upon wheels to control tipping sideways and are pulled by a drawbar which moves quickly up and down when tires squat or you spin out. Tractor hydraulics can not keep up with the drawbar! Gold Digger Pro Specifications Needs minimum of (18,000 Lb.) Tractor Tiles Up To 5 1/2 Feet DeepLays 2"- 10" tile when you want toGrade control can be maintained manually, by automatic laser, or with the new GPS controlled Intellislope by Gradient!