Seed Series 16 Conveyors



Model No./Name

Seed Series 16 Conveyors


Bulk Seed & Grain


Seed conveyor
Seed handling


DESCRIPTION: USC Conveyors are specifically designed to move seed without damage; eliminating spillage and reducing friction to increase belt life. USC’s galvanized construction provides for years of dependable use on all conveyors, specifically the Seed Series 16 and Seed Series 20 models. Now, with an industry-leading 3-year warranty on all conveyor belts, we’re confident the Seed Series line will be the perfect solution for any operation!Options:

  • Collapsible hopper
  • Seed ladder
  • 24” re-bagging spout for conveyor
  • Choose stand or undercarriage
  • 65’ electrical cord and plug

 SPECIFICATIONS:   •  Re-engineered Seed Series WCCO rubber belt   •  Standard 18-month warranty on conveyor   •  Industry-leading 3-year warranty on conveyor belt   •  Most gentle conveyor designed specifically for seed   •  Slower transition times preserve belt life   •  Built-in towing hitch for easy portability   •  Enclosed frame reduces dust and spillage   •  Retrofit new belt on existing S2000 and S3000 models   •  No need to lower Seed Series conveyors for belt tension and tracking adjustments

  • 2” high single cleats allow conveyor to run at steeper angles with less rollback


  • Lengths from 20’ to 45’ caters to specific needs
  • 5HP motor and a 16” wide WCCO rubber belt
  • 2” high cleats spaced every 7”