1615 Series Truck Unload seed conveyor


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1615 Series Truck Unload seed conveyor


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The Truck Unload Series Transport Conveyors are designed to unload semitrailers, trucks and wagons. Used as a transfer conveyor, its low intake hopper easily fits under the lowest trailer hopper.  The primary focus for all Quality Plus Mfg., Inc. products is grain quality. The Truck Unload Transport Conveyor is designed with no crush points to damage the grain. Grain is gently carried on top of a crescent top PVC belt. The crescent top design conveyor belt maintains capacity and excellent clean-out of the conveyor. In addition, changing seed varieties is quick and easy without cross-contamination eliminating waste of expensive seed.To move the conveyor into position by hand, perfect balance can be achieved regardless of axle position or drive simply by adding or removing sand from the ballast box located at the discharge. The bolt-on axle has several positions ranging from minimum to maximum axle height.The large intake hopper has low clearance and flexible belting making it forgiving when placing conveyor into operating position.  A clean out door is placed at the intake end with a stainless steel hinge to give easy of clean out and inspection of the belt tracking.The new design of the 1615 intake hopper is equipped with an adjustable slide gate to control the flow of grain to match your take away system.